Marko Brkljačić

Innovative mechanical engineer, founder of NUOTWO startup and GBC HUB

With 15 years of experience in mechanical engineering, double that in diving, and a few in startup life, it was only a matter of time for Marko Brkljačić, together with startups AIR RMLD, MIRET, Urban Oasis, NUOTWO, Modulos, VeeMee, to push and create a unique place – GBC HUB. From 2020, this place gathers Green/Blue/Clean-tech startups (mostly hardware) from Croatia and the surrounding area and increases their possibility of success in developing ideas to save the Earth. It’s the place for startups to network and share information and experience. In 2021, GBC HUB joined Infobip’s startup tribe as a partner, and here we are today, with even more startups to gather.