Marta Cuculic

Senior Consultant in Mediatoolkit

Marta Cuculic is a Senior Consultant in Mediatoolkit, a digital media monitoring solution for tracking and analyzing online and social media. As a Senior Consultant, she solves the needs of large corporations, as well as government sector worldwide.
One day, you will find her exploring the intricacies of pharmacovigilance, while the other, she’ll be leading meetings with high-profile individuals in the military sector, auto-moto industry, or leading communications agencies.
Marta is a historian by degree, and a self-proclaimed feminist, going by the motto “We can only change the future by learning from the past”. One of her points of interest is the position of women in business, especially in the tech industry, for which she gladly mentors and helps women empower themselves and find their seat at the table.
Her talk will be centered around the ways technology makes a difference in business. Rapid flow and availability of information made the impossibilities happen every single day. The impossibilities like a Croatian company landing clients in more than 70 countries prior to growing to their 20th employee. The impossibilities like closing a sale by phone – in the language you don’t know. And repeating that in another language.
Technological advancements made a difference in the business environment. Today, we can do better, faster and more efficient. Marta will show in her own example, how various tools helped her overcome different challenges, emphasize teamwork and do the impossible.