Mirela Foric Srna

Founder of Buro 24/7 Croatia and CEO for EER, digital media company

Mirela is the founder of Buro 24/7 Croatia and CEO for EER, a digital media company that today operates in 12 different countries thru 4 different continents. Together with the main ideologist of the project Miroslava Duma, she has joined the project in 2012  when they started as startup and  jointly developed it to one of the main fashion media brends in the world. Croatia was the first licensed version of this project and remains one of the most successful.

Starting this project was a professionally very valuable experience where she has learned things that she thought that was missing from her formal education from University of Zagreb, where she has graduated  in Economics and Finance. Mirela is a huge fan of startups and continuously incourage everyone to try it – it’s the best way to learn how the business world works.

She is also currently senior contributing editor at Vogue Ukraine, where she works together with their EIC and Fashion director on making interesting stories for the world biggest fashion and luxury brend. She works on consultancy for many other fashion luxury brands such as Chloe and Bonpoint.