Mirko Logožar

Educator and founder of Different

Mirko is a founder of Different, educational platform about healthy lifestyle. Different is focused on delivering relevant science based information about nutrition to beginners in a non-formal, funny format of short videos, infographics, independent product reviews and simple articles with a unique online course about nutrition. He started this project from zero as a Facebook page in 2015. and he build a business out of it, quiting his 9 to 5 job in 2017. after 7 years and becoming a full time entrepreneur.

He is also author and producer of TV show „Mi smo ostali“ where we are following a story of a person who is trying to start a business from scratch in country that is in a turmoil of emigration process. He as the main actor is travelling across Croatia and interviewing various entrepreneurs about their beginnings, obstacles and their road to where they are today. Also we are following his story of starting a business. The show is currently in a post-production process, looking for fundings to finish the editing phase.

Mirko is very passionate about non-formal education and is doing various workshops in local and international organizations, universities and youth clubs. He is also volunteering in NGO Ocean Znanja where he is included in numerous international Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training courses.

Above of all, he loves to cook and eat chicken with honey, mustard and lemon.