Nikolina Borčić

Assistant professor at the VERN' University in Zagreb.

Nikolina Borčić is an assistant professor at the VERN’ University in Zagreb. She has a BA in German and Russian languages and an MA in European Studies, after which she obtained two PhDs, firstly in linguistics and then in communication studies. The subject of political communication, emphasising the connection between the conceptual frames and metaphors and the language, has been the focus of both her doctoral theses and her articles and scientific papers. She is looking at public communication through the synergic matrix of power for creating images within the manipulation – the triangle between person, media and public. She has focused her communication research on the political communication, impact theory and impression management behind communication and (conceptual) metaphor within public language. At VERN’ University, she teaches German as a foreign language, Business Communication, Political Communication, Storytelling in Image Creation, Pop culture, Media literacy, and Celebrity Management Strategies.