Pamela Perkić

Activist, business owner, and the creator of Icon Retreat

Icon Retreat is a safe and no-judgment space in which women are free and safe to be themselves, explore their authenticity, form connections, and escape the male gaze and many of their everyday roles. Finally, Icon Retreat is a place where women are being taken care of and in return, they have the luxury to only think about themselves.

So far, Pamela hosted four Icon retreats, and two more are being held this year. At the time Icon Retreat was launched, in 2022., it was the first retreat in Croatia that focused on healing patriarchal relationships between women, focusing on their mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Besides Icon Retreat, Pamela is well known for her comedic and feminist outtakes on current events, her “Icon Unleashed” podcast, being very honest and outspoken in inspiring women to seek better for themselves, and finally, influencing society to create a world where women are safe to be. 

What is unique about Pamela is that she managed to create an online presence that led to working with big brands, hosting and modeling jobs, while still implementing activism and crucial topics in her work.