Stefano Petrović

Owner @Fish Delish

Stefano Petrović, born and raised in Murter, after completing his studies at VII Gymnasium in Zagreb, he pursued his education at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, where he earned a master’s degree in financial sciences. Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, Stefano imbibed a strong work ethic from a young age, actively engaging in both the operational and strategic aspects of the family business, which specializes in importing, exporting, and distributing food products to catering establishments across Dalmatia.

Throughout his career, Stefano has been intimately involved in all stages of business operations, from product delivery and customer relations to organizational management. During this time, his keen market insight led him to recognize a gap in the industry – a lack of affordable, yet high-quality fish dishes presented in an innovative and appealing manner.

Driven by this realization, Stefano conceptualized and brought to life Fish Delish – a modern street food restaurant renowned for its original fish-based dishes and unwavering commitment to ingredient quality. The brand’s success is attributed not only to its delicious offerings but also to its distinctive visual identity, catchy name, and standardized service processes.

Today, with seven thriving locations, including one in New Jersey, and plans to expand further, Fish Delish has become a household name, synonymous with tasty, healthy, and contemporary fish cuisine. Stefano now dedicates much of his time to franchising efforts, participating in industry events, supporting existing franchisees, and spearheading the opening of new locations.