Tanja Franotović

Communication specialist for environment and sustainability at the European Commission

How do you make people fall in love with nature in a digital environment? How do you make them experience the loss of nature here and now? And how do you empower them to act?

Tanja has been working for years as an environmental communicator and writer at the European Commission, raising awareness about nature and climate crises, and striving to bring EU’s environmental policies closer to citizens and stakeholders.

While the climate crisis is on top of political agendas around the world, the awareness about the loss of nature has not yet reached the critical level that would enable society to take action to preserve the only home we have. With a background in literature, teaching, film, and media studies, Tanja has been exploring innovative ways of bringing the biodiversity conversation into the mainstream. Though it may seem counterintuitive, she found that new technologies can actually help us change our relationship with nature.

In her presentation she will talk about her latest project that pushed the boundaries of corporate communication – virtual reality experience Pollinator Park, which uses gamification, storytelling, and immersive technologies to bring the message of alarming insect decline and the need for urgent action closer to wide audiences. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned architect Vincent Callebaut in his characteristic eco-futuristic style and a multidisciplinary team of writers, designers, scientists, policymakers, and creative technologists, Pollinator Park offers a glimpse of the bleak future that awaits unless we radically change our relationship to nature.