Tina Jakasa

Director of HEP Opskrba

Tina Jakasa is the director of HEP Opskrba, the market leader in the sale of electricity, which has retained the biggest market share after market liberalization, in comparison to similar companies in other European countries.

During her perennial career in the energy sector, she specialized for the electricity market, marketing and sales strategies, new products, and services as well as leading projects and teams. She led and participated in numerous projects of HEP and HEP Opskrba, which offered innovative solutions to their customers and the market.

She has been a regular speaker and panelist at prominent national and international expert conferences at electricity market (Energy Market Forum, the conference Energija 14, Regional electricity market, Balkanske strujne veze – Electricity Connections of the Balkans, NegaWatt Forum).

She is the author of numerous scientific works and papers in the field of energetics.

She graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and completed her post-graduate studies majoring in organization and management at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb.

She is the associate of a working group for the retail electricity market of Eurelectric, which gathers representatives of the electricity industry at the pan-European level. She is a member of a study committee of the Croatian branch for information and communication technology as part of CIGRE, the international organization for big electric power systems. She is a member of the technical committee of the Croatian Standards Institute “Road and industrial electric vehicles”.

She has been continuously doing professional training and development both in Croatia and abroad, in the form of various lectures, seminars, and workshops.