Tomislav Kozačinski

Rock Star Ninja Designer Power Ranger Comedian - Turning ideas into global digital products.

Tom is a Croatian born – London based Product Design Consultant, Speaker, Techstars mentor and Stand-up comedian with over 15 years of experience across the digital and organisational landscape.
“Chewing my first crayon and eating a piece of paper led me to a lifetime of designing things and making ideas come to life as digital products.”
Tom’s career started in the print and graphic design industry but in over fifteen years it has expanded from corporate branding, web design, front end development, user experience, interactions and interfaces to sharing his experience and making ideas come to life as digital products. In the last 8 years Tom has travelled from South Africa to Siberia to deliver numerous talks and workshops on subjects ranging from Customer & User Experience, Product Design, Freelancing as a career choice and many more. Coupled with over sixteen years of Stand Up Comedy experience, he makes sure his talks and workshops end up educational as well as entertaining.
Since 2013 when he joined Toptal as one of the first designers, Tom has championed remote work and freelance career and has worked with clients from every corner of the world.
He does not consider himself “just a designer”; albeit he is providing his services and utilising his experience via a “design-related role” because this is where he feels most confident, productive, and it gives him a point of view from which his customers can gain the most insight.
Tom is a creative entrepreneur, since moving to London in 2018 he runs a boutique design & development agency Meridian Collective, working mostly with funded startups where his work went on to raise Series A and B funding. He is a contributor to London tech and start-up scene, also regularly performs his stand up comedy and is building a personal development platform