Vladimir Benic

Founder @ CareerCentar and Employer Branding Consultant

Vladimir is a great example how to shape your career based on your interests and skills and how the dots in your life do come together at some point.

First, he was an investment banker then controlling manager in a telecom company. Just before his third promotion, he quit his job to start his entrepreneurial journey.

Vladimir is a founder of Careerathand and CareerCentar – two projects aiming to improve hiring experiences and career choices. The story about hiring has followed him from the first job interview (where he found out he doesn’t know a thing about it) until today. Vladimir often speaks at panels, conferences, events and workshops on the topics of hiring talent, the organization of work, people analytics, education.

We are facing several major challenges in life but one of the greatest is choosing your career and finding the motivation to accelerate personal development and growth. Schools are just failing to address that topic, as Sir Ken Robinson says: „Schools are great at preparing you for academic career“.

What about others who don’t see themselves being professors or research associates?

We are lost in the information overflow, lack of structured knowledge about work and career options, lack of soft skills we need to have to be successful. We are pushed toward career paths we often know nothing about. And with increased growth of digital skills and AI, we start our careers not even knowing will the job exist in the next several years.

Let’s try to imagine the future of work and the ways digital world is shaping our skills and future careers.