As the last super early bird tickets for the LEAP Summit are being sold out, we got many questions via email about LEAP Summit and WHY we are doing it. This is a short story about the concept of LEAP Summit and why we really believe that this Summit will change your life.


Who are we?

Organizers of the LEAP Summit are different international people. We are the change makers and we like to challenge tomorrow. We believe that creativity is a skill and can be learned. We believe in better tomorrow, in power of education and paradigm shift. We believe that the best way to learn is to learn from different ambitious people. And we believe that international gatherings are the best way to learn and experience different culture and to see different approaches to the problems. We believe that magic happens outside of our comfort zone and we are not afraid of unknown. We are open to new experiences. And we try different things. We fail often, but we always try again. We learn from failure. We challenge the status quo and we love the people who are willing to just TRY to build something nobody else ever tried to build before. We are a group of young and “old” people from several countries; we are NGO leaders, professors, students and entrepreneurs. And we are trying to create the most inspiring conference in the world.


Tell me about the LEAP concept?

LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, and Progress. We believe that these four words perfectly describe the concept we have created. However, let’s start from the beginning. We have been on many conferences, workshops and gatherings where we met a lot of really interesting people. Actually, one of our co-organizers was in the last 10 years on so many conferences that we are calling him “conference guy”. LEAP summit is basically combination of the best things we saw on different conferences with a little bit of new innovations combined with unique charm, many testing and many failures. We were speaking with many people in order to create the best conference for youth ever and LEAP Summit is a product of this process.


We like life-changing talks. However, we value more interaction and the opportunity to share different opinions about talk. We believe people should be curious. And we want them to ask questions. Therefore, after every keynote we have added short Q&A session, so participants can ask questions popping out in their heads during the talk.

Secondly, at the conferences we hear so much great and inspiring stories and we often feel really inspired. However, we wanted to use this inspiration and to start acting instantly, we wanted to do something now and during the conference and we were missing that part on many conferences. Therefore, at the LEAP Summit there will be every day parallel stage called “Workshop stage” with hands-on workshop sessions which will be interactive and challenging.


Conferences are amazing opportunity to hear many success stories and learn from them. We are bringing very interesting and very successful speakers from who you will learn a lot of interesting things. This life-changing experience can help you develop your own success story. However, a lot of people are not aware that behind these success stories there is big history of failing, learning from failures and keeping on optimism and positive attitude. At the LEAP Summit, we don’t want to show you only success stories, we want to show you the whole picture. That is the reason why we will have part of the program devoted to the failures and learning from failures.

There are a lot of specialized conferences out there. However, we value multi-disciplinarity. We think that in today’s world people must have different skill-sets. The core value of seeing different approaches to the problems is to see how people from different disciplines approach to that problems. We want to meet designers, programmers, marketers, leaders, scientists and people from many more disciplines. Therefore, LEAP Summit program is shaped about multi-disciplinarity. There will be talks connected to IT, Big Data, Marketing, Design, Medicine and different other fields of expertise. We want that participants can form a bigger picture. For starting every successful venture you will need to have a multi-disciplinary team. And you will need to have knowledge about many different fields. Therefore, we look at the LEAP Summit as a great opportunity to meet interesting people from different disciplines and fields of expertise and to learn a lot about these fields. Who knows, maybe after the LEAP Summit you will shift your career to different field of expertise.


Networking and learning from other ambitious people is the key element of the LEAP Summit. At the Summit there will be participants from more than 30 countries and speakers from all around the globe. During the non-formal part of program there will be a lot of networking opportunities. Non-formal part is embedded into core of the LEAP summit and it will include sessions such as “Break the ice networking”, Open mic session, Opportunity hunt, Speed dating, Parties, Pub Crawls, Zagreb Walking Tours, etc. There is no better way to meet new interesting people and form life-long international friendships than having fun and partying together. And speaking of new people, you will be sitting next to the future CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies, change-makers, leaders, startups founders and it would be a shame not to make new friendships with these people. You will also have many opportunities to talk with speakers and to meet them.

Young people have the biggest potential to reach peaks that have not been reached so far. They are change-makers and they are shapers of better tomorrow. So, to sum up here are the top 10 things which you can expect from the LEAP Summit:

  1. Truly international atmosphere
  2. Interactions with top experts from different industries
  3. Learning from success stories, but also learning from failures
  4. 3-days full of innovations
  5. We will celebrate willingness to try to do something different
  6. Workshop sessions where you will deep dive into specific topic
  7. Amazing non-formal program, unique networking opportunities and a lot of special sessions and parties
  8. New life-long friendships
  9. Multi-diciplinary learning
  10. New, different experience


We have revealed just a little part of life-changing experience you will have. Stay tuned for more updates and details. If you have suggestions on how to make this event more amazing feel free to send us an email!

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