LEAP Summit’s mission is to motivate and inspire so we just have to share the story of LEAP volunteers and their start-up project Printee.  

Printee is the work of students Zdeslav Markoč and Ivan Krajinović who met at the 2019 LEAP Summit. The idea behind Printee is to change the way young people shop and express themselves through the clothes they wear. They reached out to LEAP Summit’s Head of finance and agenda, Katarina Guja, who helped them transform that idea into an opportunity. The final result is a unique online store – a meeting place for all those who offer uniquely designed products and those who are looking to wear them. Printee offers its sellers a complete service, from graphic prepress, purchase management, IT and customer support, to end customer delivery.

Covid-19 crises shook the world’s economy, however the E-commerce sector showed massive growth. After few months of preparation and research, Printee was applied for the Fil Rouge Capital accelerator in hope of finding investors and on July 15 2020 the team got their chance. The platforme launched on November 2 with over ten sellers and Printee Originals products. Since then, the team grew and now has an in-house marketing manager and designer. The customers themselves are looking for unique items so Printee also launched Uneeqat – an online designer for anyone who wants to make their uniquely designed products. 

The team has great plans and are already expanding to the slovenian market in April 2021 with additional EU markets in the upcoming months. ‘Localization is a trend we see in the general e-commerce sector and Printee. Even though a young company, Printee follows trends in the industry and our platform in Slovenia will be in the native language.’ – said Katarina. 

Managing faculty tasks and running a business is not easy, but it is possible. ‘Best advice for students who want to engage in business is to be stubborn and consistent. Stubbornness in business is not there to fight with people but to fight with yourself. Consistency helps when you get stubborn with yourself. It leads to habits and gives you a mindset of a businessman who works on his daily routine without fighting with himself.“ – said Ivan. ’Sometimes even I don’t understand where I get so much motivation for working long hours while still going to the university. I guess I could say that working for someone else was never how I imagined my career and life in general. The idea of leaving something worthy, a legacy after I’m gone is something that always appealed to me since I was a kid. For that reason, I want to dedicate my career and life to creating something new, something that creates value and enriches people’s lives.’- said Zdeslav.

This is an inspiring story of young people who are currently living their entrepreneurial dream. We can agree that doing what you love and what fulfills you is one of the most valuable personal goals  that can be achieved in business. Zdeslav and Ivan will be returning to LEAP Summit 2021 as volunteers. Good job guys!