During LEAP Summit 2019 we had an opportunity to listen to a lecture by Matej Matičević called Why we game. Inspired by that lecture we bring you some of the trends and things to look forward to in 2020.
With technology developing it is only expected that evolution will cover every field of human contact. The development has reached video gaming too – with a yearly value of a billion dollars, it proves that the gaming industry is more than just games.

Before we jump in to the article, let us introduce Mr. Yannick Theler. He is now the managing director of Ubisoft. Before that he was a professional hockey player and he worked in marketing and wealth management in his home country. Right now he is on a mission to lead Ubisoft into a leading game developer company. Its most popular game is “CSI: Hidden Crimes” and recently released “The Division.”

Join us on LEAP 2020 in March to get a chance of listening to Mr. Theler’s incredible lecture about many opportunities there are in the gaming industry.

What to expect in 2020

In 2020, Newzoo predicts that PC gaming will account for 23% of the market revenue, console gaming comes in at 31%, and mobile and tablet are at a combined 46%. By 2022, mobile and tablet gaming will account for close to 50% of the overall gaming market.

This year we will welcome a bunch of new games – some newly presented, some as new editions and remakes of classics that everyone loves. Video games to look forward to are Final Fantasy VII Remake, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red), just to name a few.
Read more of 10 most anticipated games of 2020 on https://bit.ly/2Nxud9o.

Sony has announced that their new next-gen PlayStation 5 console is coming out and Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X that aims to usher in the next evolution of console gaming. How these rivals will launch their consoles and fight for the domination of public and public’s excitement for the evolution of gaming will be interesting to keep an eye on.

Along with PlayStation 5, Sony teased during 2019 holidays with their new haptic controller – its task is to make gamers more immersed in the game with the addition of deepening the feeling of touch in gameplay.

Applied different realities

This year during CES – an international trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, it was proven that virtual reality and augmented reality are thriving and overcoming challenges they face. 

With the implementation of VR and AR in cars, as it was shown during the trade show these two realities are of great help. Take into consideration how Audi is handling these technologies into their cars – their screens have AR icons pop up to indicate how a windshield heads-up display could flag live points of interest, electric charging stations, and the like as you drive.

Virtual reality is expected to return with a vengeance, the goal of 2020 is to make VR commercially successful and put aside the challenges they face. Same as augmented reality, remember Pokemon Go? It was huge but it never stayed on top. Current implementations could get it to grow again and be steady in success.

Amazon and Apple and Google

If you got asked what is it that these three companies have in common you’d probably say that it’s the products that keep masses hooked. Following that paradigm, they are venturing into video game making. They are building similar offerings that could be important in the battle for reign in the online entertainment.

Amazon has reported on working on a version of a gaming streaming space but it’s not yet official. Apple and Google also have already presented game streaming services – Apple with its Apple Arcade and Google Stadia. What is interesting about these services is that hardcore gamers will pay a monthly fee while casual gamers won’t. ironSource also tells how it’s likely that more hardcore gamers may also begin paying a monthly fee for access to subscriptions but it seems very unlikely that those who engage in gameplay for short bouts of time – either on their commute to work or while waiting for a coffee – will ever consider paying a monthly fee for a subscription.

The video gaming industry in Croatia

The video gaming industry in Croatia has a lot to offer. With the video gaming industry growing and handling billions, it is profitable to invest in this industry. Yearly value is 60 million dollars and it has great potential to grow into a serious business. It is the fastest growing industry in Croatia as well.

Wanting to develop and invest in this industry in Croatia shines the light on problems – lack of IT staff and immigration but the gaming industry might be the solution needed.
The first academy in Croatia that specializes in the education of making video games is Machina, in 2019 they announced that they’ll open an academy of training future professional video game players. Esport community in Croatia is enthusiastic about participating in projects and academies like Machina are an important factor in developing the gaming culture.

Novska project is an initiative worth 100 million kunas in an almost idyllic town of Novska with 12 thousand people not that far away from Zagreb.

This gamer entrepreneurship incubator is called PISMO and what they’re planning leaves many breathless. They want to build a gamer campus with a school and an esport arena that holds three thousand people. 

So far they’ve received 25 million kunas from EU fonds and they’re looking forward to possibly collaborate with the Croatian government as well in this strategic project.


Apart from the amazing growth the video game industry has experienced in 2019, 2020 is expected to be even greater than the previous one. With technology brewing incredible gadgets to make gameplay more special and unavoidable features of diversity and inclusivity – especially in the era of online activism, they are reaching audiences with content that promotes equality through entertainment to all gamers but especially young people.

The gaming industry is continuously changing and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon but new trends pop up constantly and as technology continues to evolve it is interesting to follow the further development of mouth-dropping software. 







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