1. Allow your employees or colleague to be their own self. 

At the most basic level, you have the question of whether or not what you’re offering supports that person being who came here to be. That’s the most fundamental question, which also takes into account the understanding that we’re all unique beings here on unique journeys.”

It’s natural to expect your team to give clients the best possible outcomes and service no matter what your size. And it’s easy to get boxed into thinking that your way is the best way to accomplish this. But it’s better to let go of the rope some and let everyone’s personality and approach come forward. It’s a more authentic experience for everyone and will often lead to great results.

Collaborate, but don’t quash someone’s personality and approach in the process.

2. Be of service. 

What we do and why we do it are rooted in something greater than ourselves. So, celebrate how what you offer is of service in this way. Whether you’re offering clothes for customers’ , advice for their investments or landscaping for their backyards, make it your intention to serve their highest good in whatever way your team, product or service is able.

Finally, make it your business to explore putting this mission upfront, at the bow of your business boat, to help navigate it to a fuller meaning of prosperity. And remember that everything we do matters, even if with some of those actions, it’s not apparent how they’re serving the greater good. Try to act on the goal of giving your time to something greater each week. An action or gesture that may seem like a little to you could go a long way with others.

3.Take a break, you have worked hard enough this year.

Entrepreneurs work day in and day out trying to achieve their goals. In an Entrepreneur’s mind, time equals money but even an Entrepreneur needs a breather from all the hard work. This break will help the Entrepreneur return back to work feeling rejuvenated and energized.

4. Don’t ignore your social life

Working hard doesn’t leave you with much time for your friends. This can lead to loneliness and even depression sometimes. Try to take out time to meet your friends; you never know which friend will give you an idea that can solve the problem that keeps repeating in your business.

Social life is essential to keep you at the top of your game. When interacting with other Entrepreneurs, you get new ideas and perspectives which may help your business in specific problems.

5. Stay Healthy

Many times, when working late nights, you end up eating loads of unhealthy snacks to keep your hunger intact. You will notice the increase in consumption of aerated drinks, with a countless number of coffees to keep you wide awake. This will prove to be detrimental and can cause severe fatigue.

Entrepreneurs need to keep time aside for maintaining their health in check. A morning jog or an evening badminton game can help lower the stress hormones and get a good night’s sleep.

Merry Christmas Entrepreneurs





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