Born in Albania, Mirela has worked her way up the ladder to become one of the most
inspiring women in her country. That, however, was not the end of it. She moved to London
as a single mother, full of drive and ambition, and began rebuilding her life. Mirela is a
woman full of experience who gave significant advice in the second part of our interview,
covering topics such as the pandemic, balancing work and life, influential personas, and
insightful advice for all women.

What did you learn about business, personal growth, and health throughout the pandemic? What, on the other hand, have you learned cannot and should not have a place in your life?

In 2019 I was committed to so many business trips. I remember my latest one was in Miami, attending the “Date with Destiny ” with Tony Robins, and those who know about his events know what I mean: You can only sleep a few hours a day because his training is long and you do not want to finish. As I was returning to London, waiting at the airport I did a live video asking my PA: “please cancel all my trips in 2020”. This is exactly what happened.

This was the year for me to reflect on my business and create a huge online system where everything was pivoted into a virtual world. Now, many people have seen it as a challenge and obstacle for their business or their growth. For me, every adversity is an opportunity. Hard times create strong leaders. And leaders do not wish for less problems, but for more skills, more wisdom, and resilience to overcome them. The pandemic taught me exactly this, that everything happens for a reason and maybe for better and when problems have appeared than you have to look for the solutions, which they should have arrived at before the problem, we just need to search for them and make sure we do not give up.

And most importantly look for the opportunities, we need to learn how to see them – because the fact we do not see them doesn’t mean it’s not there, we just need to wake up, and for that, we need to take ourselves into a personal development journey and give ourselves the permission to grow.

Today’s culture frequently imposes “hustle-mode 24/7,” which can be harmful to the human mind. On the other hand, if we remain stagnant, we may have “fear of missing out.” How can we, in today’s environment, establish and maintain the correct balance, where we may give ourselves enough rest without jeopardizing our personal and professional development?

That’s a very good question. In order for us to have a well-balanced life we need to have

– 8 hours sleep

– 8 hours work

– 8 hours entertainment

(Author’s comment: similar to Marx’s philosophy).

When I teach this philosophy people ask me, do you apply it to your life? I say not really because the lifestyle I have created now is just 8 hours of sleep and the rest is entertainment. Because when you do what you love, you don’t consider it as a job anymore. So I just have fun and never get bored with my work.

Throughout your career, you have had the opportunity to speak with very inspiring and significant individuals (world-class speakers and business leaders); can you name a few of them and explain why they made such an effect on you? Have someone’s words changed your life, and why?

I remember myself sitting in the backyard of my in-laws in a small village in Albania when I started reading the books of world-class leaders such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Gary V, Brian Tracey, Nick Vujicic, Jay Abraham, Robin Sharma, Sharon Lechter, and so many others, and I gradually start visualizing myself that one day I may be able to meet them, to go to their courses and learn from them. It is incredible what the mind can do, as they say, “Be careful what you wish for because you may see it come true” and this is what exactly happens. Very soon after, I didn’t only met them but I started sharing the stage with them. I learned quickly and applied the law of thinking big, so other people saw the potential in me and they gave me the chance. That made me grow so quickly, from an immigrant, Albanian woman, single mother, completely on my own I managed to build a great life in London and started traveling the world with these gurus, something that has empowered me a lot and I am very grateful for.

They all have impacted positively in my life, but if I was to name, I would definitely say Tony Robbins when I met him at the Business Mastery in Amsterdam and had a great breakthrough with him. For this, I am grateful to my “rich mama” Veronica Tan who gave me the stage and created so many amazing opportunities for me. She is a powerhouse and I am lucky I have met her on this journey of self-growth and self-development.

What are your aspirations for this year? What do you think is essential to be conscious of, and how should we deal with plans that may have fallen into realization?

The last two years have been challenging for everyone, but at the same time, it has been a great opportunity to know ourselves better. In challenging times, we can learn, grow and strengthen ourselves. All my life has been going through big hardships, my childhood with an abusive stepfather, my life in a remote village, my long grief for the daughter that I lost and so many other dramas on the way… But all of these have helped me to value life more, to be grateful for every single day, and when I wake up in the morning, I don’t take it for granted, I say thank you for giving me another day – what can I do with it, how can I contribute with my presence? I live my life day by day, but at the same time, I start living the future before it has arrived. I am always planning, visualizing, and aspiring for growth and make my company Global Woman one of the biggest organizations in the world for women empowerment and lead with compassion, authenticity, and ethics. This is how women start believing that everything is possible, and it doesn’t matter where are you coming from, what matters is where you want to go and take that decision to change the course of your life overnight.

Finally, what advice would you give to all young women in their twenties? What about those in their thirties? What do you believe is important to be aware of at various times?

First, I want to tell them that they are a big force for good and they can start exploring how to tap into that power right now. The power they have Is huge and it’s within. Please don’t give that power away to other people, because then they are going to make decisions for you, and if they do, I am not sure that is going to be a good decision for you. So first you have to realize that power, then you need to claim it (yes, it is yours) then you need to take ownership of it (yes, it is yours) then you can share it with others. You need to take possession of it in order to be able to share it. Because you can’t give something that you don’t have. And you have it yours forever when you take ownership of it. You are here for a reason, find your why, and follow your purpose. This will make you feel fulfilled and the world will benefit from your gifts.

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