Mirela Sula, one of the influential women, has not only transformed her own life but also strives to assist other women in accomplishing the same. With a background in psychology, counselling, journalism, and teaching, she is now a Global award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club. She connects thousands of women from all over the world, assisting them in becoming successful, developing self-confidence, and realizing their dreams.

Mirela discusses important topics regarding the road to success, procrastination, dream career, and her career path in this first part of our interview.


We’ve read a lot about inspirational stories & the road to success, but what are your sincere tips for getting started?

One thing that I have learned especially in the last 8 years of my entrepreneurship journey, is that: Success is not something you can chase but something that you attract. And this is what exactly we need to do, we need to become a magnet and create the success that we want.

So, in order to get started: First, you need to be able to recognize your potential and have the ambition to desire more, second you need to make sure you claim it, then you can own it. And it is very important that you own your success, otherwise, you may feel you are not ready for it and that may not fulfill you. I personally have always seen my formula to success in four pillars:

One: Environment

Two: Being Lucky

Three: Your thoughts

Four: A belief you have beyond you (You can call it God, Universe, or wherever you believe)

These four components are very impactful and based on how we respond, and act related to these factors we can determine our success.

You mentioned that the three basic steps to establishing the “Think Big, Go Global” mindset are to surround ourselves with inspiring people who will encourage and inspire us to develop, to constantly learn new things to improve ourselves and others, and, finally, to take action in which we implement what we’ve learned. Is there any content or areas that require extra attention since they are inevitably required in today’s environment, regardless of personal interests?

Well, we as human beings are so special and different from any other creature on the planet, and what makes us so is our ability to think. We should honor this and make sure that we use our mind in a useful way that benefits us, it benefits others and the world where we live. When we come to this world we come with a gift, this little machine which is called “Mind” but we are not given a manual to learn how to use it. We need to figure it out and understand how we can utilize it so it can serve us better. That’s why I have always been fascinated to study the mind and psychology because everything is in the mind. Now I teach women how to start and grow their business globally, and I show them how to think big because things happen twice, once in the mind and then in the reality. And to create big things we need to think big. In the beginning, we need to make sure we are able to create a big vision, of what we want to achieve and contribute to the world. And if we have a bigger vision than we know, a big vision can’t sit in a small mind. That’s why we need to empower and strengthen our minds, so we do not feel weak when we face challenges and obstacles on the way. If you’re looking to create a big vision for your future, to feel fulfilled and excited when you wake up in the morning because you have so much to give, create and contribute, and if you want to create the life you love – then you must think big.

These are some of the steps to think big

·    Have a clear picture of what and how you want your life to look like.

·    ​Increase the ability to desire more and see the big vision for yourself.

·    Connect with your higher self and listen to your call.

·    ​Know how to manage all the challenges that you may face in your journey.

·    ​Learn how to deal with your dark moments and guide yourself to the light.

·    ​Be able to tap into your potential and feel empowered.

·    ​​Create a map for your future and feel confident walking in your path.

·    ​Start seeing life in a new light and you will love it.

What did you need to understand to create an empire in just four years, and how did you achieve it in such a short time? What drove you to launch in the first place?

Coming from a small country like Albania, completely on my own, with a teenage son, it hasn’t been easy. But as I mentioned above, I started having a big vision for myself driven from a strong purpose to create something powerful for women globally. But in order for me to create this, I needed to find my seat. As they say, “You stand where you sit”. If I wanted to stand for women in my village, then I was ok to stay there as I started as a village teacher. But if I wanted to stand for a global movement, I needed to find a bigger seat, where people could take me seriously. That’s why we need to move. And if you are not able to do what you want to do, where you are, then you can move because you are not a tree. This is what I exactly did, I decided to move. At that time, I was working as a psychologist, teaching at University, I was a panelist in a famous TV show, I was leading the biggest network of women in Albanian “Women in Equality and Decision making”, I was the director of “Positive Psychotherapy Center” so I had to leave behind all of these and start from scratch in a new big world.

I moved to London only with a handbag, as a single mother, with no money, not good enough English, no connections, and no idea how I was going to survive in this big world – but I had a big dream and I believed in it.

I had of course many challenges, many bad, tough days, many dilemmas, and doubts if I was ever going to be able to find my purpose, but I never thought for a second that I was going to give up. And this is the most important thing that I believe that we as human beings should know, while we are searching for meaning and looking to connect with our call: Loyalty – No matter what happens to us and how many tests we go through, we always should stay loyal to our vision and never give up.

The first three years have been really hard, many times I felt I could not survive, but I didn’t want to quit. I had burned the bridges. I am grateful for what I have received and feel ready to give back and repeat my everyday mantra: everything that I wish for myself I wish everybody to have. 

What are the most typical obstacles you’ve seen in your career that create procrastination in people, and why do they occur so frequently? What strategies can we employ to modify them and move on?

The world is divided into two categories of people. One part is full of sleepers (yes people are still sleeping and waiting for the world to change so they can wake up). These people always find excuses for not achieving what they always wanted to achieve. They blame the government, they blame the covid, the financial crisis, they may blame the parents, the teachers, or anything they see as obstacles in life, and they get stuck. They don’t move. But the truth is, nothing changes until something moves. And the other part of the world is introducing people who wake up every day, and they rise above their circumstances, they make things happen and they find a way, no matter what. I was before sleeping, and when you are in that stagnation zone, you never ask the questions: How do I get out of this? What is my purpose? What am I meant to do in this world? How can I live a better life? How can I contribute? Yes, there are people who never ask these questions. They come to this world, and they leave without knowing their purpose. I am glad I don’t belong in that category anymore, and now my mission is to wake up as many women as I can so they can live a fulfilled life.

 We all want to find our “dream career,” but what if we have many areas of interest? How can we identify what suits us best (and what are the strategies for doing so)?

This is something I see women face all the time, and as a result, we try to wear many hats. But as I mentioned above, first we need to find what is our purpose, what are we meant to do in this world. Then you must create a vision for yourself. Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? Visualize it and stick with it until you see it happening, don’t change it, stay loyal to your vision, and one day, your persistence, determination, and consistency will reward you. If you are aligned with yourself and stay loyal to your vision, everything that you have been seeking will come and find you.

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