Nowadays, for an event to get popular among people, a good marketing strategy is key. As LEAP is focused on the young population, a good idea to rise knowledge between young population was digital advertising at the Students Centre cafeteria. Our partners from 2MT helped with that job so we asked them some marketing tricks and how did get to this specific idea:

  1. How did you get to the idea of advertising at students cafeteria?

Considering some of the projects that were successfully implemented in cooperation with the Student’s Centre, there was a need for a media through which it was possible to communicate information that was important to students, such as food allergens and similar. This way we got to the idea of digital screens that would have an informative part but also contain advertising content for a target group.

  1. Can you briefly describe your digital advertising project at student restaurants? What does it mean in numbers?

It is a networked system of 30 full HD digital display screens in 12 of the most frequent student restaurants in Zagreb, with an average of over 80,000 students a day

  1. How do you choose which ads to put on? Are they, for example, targeted for commercial ads, promoting events, cultural content, and the like?

Advertisements on digital advertising devices comply with customer’s wishes and needs. In addition to the previously mentioned commercial marketing aspect, there are certain promotions of events and content related to students.

  1. Do you put advertising content that targets young people or accept ads that might be of interest to a broader audience?

In general, the shown ads are focused on the student’s population.

  1. Do you think digital advertising has a greater effect than traditional advertising over announcement boards in Student’s Centres?

Certainly, some market research has shown that animated commercials are more than 400% more efficient and more noticeable than static ones.

  1. Do you think this way of advertising could annoy students while they’re eating?

Digital display screens in student restaurants are positioned primarily so that every student eats and passes by passing through the food serving line. This way, we have achieved the goal of increasing the number of impressions but also of the unobtrusiveness of the devices when students are having lunch.

  1. How did you choose which restaurants to put the screens?

In co-operation with the Student’s Centre organization, according to the needs of a particular restaurant, taking into account parameters such as the number of daily visits and the size of the restaurants themselves. Our goal was to make every digital display clearly visible to students to make their information and advertising content easy to access.

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