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Two years ago, Lars Silberbauer was Senior Global Director at LEGO Group. He was one of LEAP Summit 2017 keynote speakers and there were no free seats left during his talk. Today, he is Senior Vice President at Viacom/MTV Digital Studios but still in contact with our organization crew. Therefore, we decided to ask him a few questions about his experience at LEAP. Take a look and find out why you shouldn’t miss this year edition of LEAP Summit!

Lars Silberbauer as LEAP Summit 2017 keynote speaker


Why did you decide to speak at LEAP Summit?
I went to speak at LEAP because I felt that there were a unique commitment and energy with the team behind the event and that everyone felt that they were part of creating something that stood out in comparison to all of the other conferences that are available.

What was your first impression of the Summit once you’ve arrived at the event? What’s the first thing that caught your eye?
That it is not a typical event, but more as a festival where everyone is there because they want to change their industry and by meeting with other change makers the challenge feels more possible to overcome.

How do you feel about this kind of initiatives? Should there be more of them?
I think that changemakers have to meet each other and create an aligned agenda. So getting together around important topics in an inspiring atmosphere is a great starting point.

Do you think events like this make any difference?
Events don’t make any difference, but people who go to the events and come back with renewed energy and visions – they do make the difference.

Did LEAP Summit in any way help you come up with some new ideas regarding business, relationships or anything else at that point?
I was definitely inspired to bring more ideas to life and that we never should focus on the obstacles but instead on the end goal and then the journey will become easier.


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International Relations Team

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