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Today we had a chat with Kristian Maric, our regular participant from Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. With organization Online Student Service, Kristian organized six LEAPin events last year around Bosnia & Herzegovina which helped us promote entrepreneurial spirit and motivate young people in the region.

Kristian is an ambassador of LEAP Summit in Bosnia & Herzegovina, he brings few hundred students to LEAP Summit every year and we wanted to check what makes LEAP so special for him since he is coming back again this year.

Kristian Maric (holding the letter P) with LEAP Summit Ambassadors Team

Back in 2017, why did you decide to travel all the way to Zagreb just to attend LEAP Summit, even
though you haven’t heard about the conference before?
Hmm, it´s a good question. I got the information about the biggest conference in the Balkan
region for young students and entrepreneurs from my friends in Mostar and I thought that
it could be something interesting to visit that year, so I decided to attend the conference.

Did LEAP Summit meet your expectations?
The moment I came to LEAP Summit I knew that I have to be a part of this fantastic project and I
met the whole organization crew. Thank you very much for that my little wizards from Croatia. You made
something beautiful and extraordinary!
LEAP Summit is not just a conference or some event where you get a certificate and hear about
something new, it´s more than that and I believe it´s going to be one of the biggest conferences for
youth in Europe.

What would you say are the main benefits of events like LEAP Summit?
The main benefit is the opportunity to meet a lot of people from more than 50 countries which thanks to digital time gives you the possibility to talk and work together from different corners of the world.
Also, you have the chance to hear about interesting stories from entrepreneurs, managers and
young students, which can help you find, or better say discover, your passion.

Did LEAP Summit change something about the way you see business, entrepreneurship or international cooperation?
Yes, it´s not just about money and success! I think that LEAP Summit gives you more than that – it´s
about passion, relationships and some kind of freedom. Every time I hear or talk about LEAP
it´s like I get this little whisper in my ear that gives me the perfect motivation for my personal
and professional life. Also, LEAP itself is so amazing you forget about all your problems in those 2-3 days of the conference.

What makes you come back to LEAP Summit year after year?
I think it´s you Iva, I can´t think about anything than you. When I hear about LEAP all I can
see there are you and chocolates you gave me as a reward for bringing 300 students from Bosnia & Herzegovina to LEAP last year. Yeah, I got it. It´s not about you, it´s about the chocolates hahaha kidding 😀

What makes me come back year after year is that my whole life I knew relationships are everything you need to be happy in life. For business you need contacts, for your personal life you need contacts. Whatever
you want to do or wherever you want to go you will need contacts. LEAP Summit is the perfect place to make those contacts. And not with just anyone but with amazing young people from more than 50 countries who attend the event. LEAP gives you the possibility to get new contacts, friends and partners all around the world which is also a great motivation to come back to conference year after year.


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See you soon in Zagreb! 🙂




Interview prepared by:

Iva Fabris
International Relations Team

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