Q&A time: Javier Bajer

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We had a small talk with Javier Bajer, our LEAP Summit 2017 keynote speaker.

For those of you who don’t know what he is doing, Javier is for the last 20 years helping organizations and cities change old habits, allowing their strategies to work. He is founding CEO of The Talent Foundation and Senior Executive at Accenture in London who worked with global organizations ranging from HSBC, Buckingham Palace to the City of Buenos Aires.

We took a few of his precious minutes and asked him some questions about his experience regarding LEAP Summit.
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Javier Bajer as LEAP Summit 2017 keynote speaker


Why did you decide to speak at LEAP Summit?
Well, you approached me with really positive energy and the idea that you wanted to challenge the mind state of young people is something I was or am doing. It seemed like a perfect opportunity.

What was your first impression of the Summit once you’ve arrived at the event? What’s the first thing that caught your eye?
I have to say it was the quality of the organization, organizers knowing what they are doing and at the same time not pretending to be better but being honest and completely professional.

How do you feel about these kinds of initiatives? Should there be more of them?
I wish there were similar initiatives in other parts of the world. This was the first one I’ve seen of this type and I wish we have them in England and Argentina and elsewhere. I believe that it is an important initiative especially for young people like yourself.

Do you think events like this make any difference?
Yes, I think they make a great difference! I believe these events call us all to LEAP in life together and push ourselves forward and not to be/become like sheep who just follow a shepherd.

Did LEAP Summit in any way help you come up with some new ideas regarding business, relationships or anything else at that point?
Absolutely. Ever since LEAP, once a year I’ve been taking my children on a business trip and working myself around meetings and events while spending my time with them. Children learn most when they are part of the learning process and can experience it firsthand.


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Interview prepared by:

Josip Golub
International Relations Team

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