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Today we had a chat with Vasily Kichigin. Vasily started his entrepreneurial journey as a young professional in 2015 on platform as the freelancer. In the period of 2 years, he became Top Rated Seller on Fiverr platform and has turned his freelance hustle into a full-time business. Currently, he has a team with several people and more than 16,000 orders completed for thousands of companies. Last year, he was speaker at LEAP Summit conference so we decided to ask him about his experience and what LEAP brought to him.



 Why did you decide to speak at LEAP Summit?
I really liked the approach Leap Summit has. It’s a conference for young entrepreneurs, people who are looking to start their own business and my topic was a perfect match for this kind of audience. The team at Leap Summit has a very professional and personalized approach towards organizing this conference.

What was your first impression of the Summit once you’ve arrived at the event? What’s the first thing that caught your eye?
The first thing I noticed was how the audience was motivated and energized. It looked like the people were waiting for this kind of conference for a really long time. I immediately started to talk with different people and a lot of them had a very inspiring story about the business they are in.

How do you feel about these kinds of initiatives? Should there be more of them?
Yes, definitely! People need to network and that’s how everyone can learn from each other and progress. You never know what one connection can do to your business and life, that’s why it’s very important to attend these kinds of events and not be afraid to come and talk to the person in front of you.

Do you think events like this make any difference?
They definitely do! This is both for the person who is attending the talk and the speaker. The speakers can learn a lot from the audience and from the other speakers as well. We hear other success stories and this could inspire and motivate us to continue what we are doing in our business.

Did LEAP Summit in any way help you come up with some new ideas regarding business, relationships or anything else at that point?
Of course! I was able to build a loyal audience from the conference and at the same time got a lot of feedback which helped my business a lot. It opened new doors for me in the business, I started to work on my first online course and published it in November on Udemy platform. Also, it inspired me to speak more at other conferences and organize my own meetups and events.


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International Relations Team

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