Q&A: Angel Gonzalez Garcia

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One of our previous participants took time out of his busy schedule so he could share his opinion of LEAP Summit and maybe show you why it was one of the best events he has ever been to (and he has been to many). Angel Gonzalez Garcia, a young enthusiastic lawyer, was a participant of LEAP Summit two years in a row. Read on to see his side of the story.

Why did you decide to travel all the way to Zagreb just to be at LEAP Summit, even though you haven’t heard about the conference before?

In my case,, one of the partners of LEAP Summit called for applications to the conference and I applied because LEAP Summit’s theme seemed very interesting to me. In addition, I had never traveled to Croatia and I thought it would be an exciting experience.

Did LEAP Summit meet your expectations? Did you actually have any before you arrived there?

I didn’t have any expectations when I arrived, and that was one of the things that helped me have an excellent experience. I really liked the different stages, with different testimonies from the speakers and the networking activities.

What would you say are the main benefits of events like this one for those who’ve never participated in one?

Networking is one of the main benefits. It is incredible to see a large number of young people and students who have brilliant ideas into making the world a better place through their business plans and technology proposals. Keeping in touch with people who share your thoughts and ideas can help someone and his or her community to grow even more.

Did LEAP Summit change something about the way you see business, entrepreneurship and/or international cooperation?

Yes. I now believe that there are many brilliant young people willing to work for a better world. With the interconnectivity, it is much easier now to build efforts into creating better projects.

Finally, what made you come back to LEAP Summit? 

The incredible experience that I had on my first time being there.


Interview prepared by:

Josip Golub
International Relations Team

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