Q&A: Bilal Awan

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This time we are talking with our own ambassador of LEAP Summit. Bilal is one of those supporters who has been with us since the first year. He had parted from his previous business partnership and started his own business around LEAP 2017. Through LEAP he met people from different countries and stayed in contact with them while consistently building international partnerships. Currently, he is at a stage where he is involved in a business which he bought out and now taking it globally along with his business partners in South America and Europe.

Bilal (holding the letter A) with the rest of LEAP Ambassadors Team and participants from U.S. representing Tesla Works at LEAP Summit 2018


1) Why did you decide to travel all the way to Zagreb just to be at LEAP Summit, even though you haven’t heard about the conference before?

I attended LEAPin in Dublin and I was invited as a speaker. That motivated me to go to the main event and ethos of the conference providing a platform where young entrepreneurs and fresh graduates can be in the presence of world changemakers and thought leaders.

2) Did LEAP Summit meet your expectations? Did you actually have any before you arrived there?

I was expecting to meet new people, do networking, build a business network and look out for an opportunity. I am happy to say, I have got great opportunities which had lead to great business ventures for me since I attended LEAP first time.

3) What would you say are the main benefits of events like this one for those who’ve never participated in one?

Networking, meeting likeminded people from across the world, sharing thoughts and ideas, getting motivated and looking at what is possible beyond the boundaries of one’s home country.

4) Did LEAP Summit change something about the way you see business, entrepreneurship and/or international cooperation?

More interactive, top notch and world-class speakers and high results achievers from around the globe is an aspect which makes it more attractive to young entrepreneurs for their business and new ventures where they meet global leaders and chat with them in pair of jeans and a t-shirt rather than having to put on a suit tie or skirt and await long appointments.

5) Finally, what makes you come back to LEAP Summit every year?

Meeting more and more people. And of course, the very best part of LEAP is the management/organizers of LEAP. They are very approachable and friendly and they listen to all ideas, regardless of where they’re coming from and encourage the thought process.


Interested in what more Bilal has to say? Get your LEAP Summit ticket at meet him at Ideas Powered Stage on LEAP Summit 2019 where he will hold his speech. See you! 🙂


Interview prepared by:

Josip Golub
International Relations Team


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