Climate changes over the past few decades have become a big topic of worry. In the process of climate change and the problematic effects that come with it, are now considered as an existential threat to our planet and its living forms.

That is why the European Green Deal, a European Commission’s plan that is set from 2019 until 2024 has a goal to make Europe become the first climate-neutral continent.

European green deal aims to get a new growth strategy that will transform the union into a modern and resource-efficient economy. One factor that has a huge role in the plan to overcome the negativity of climate change is making the economy sustainable. That can be done by turning the challenges into opportunities and by invoking inclusivity that is needed, the rough transition between a challenge to an opportunity can be done more easily.

Along with inclusivity, three main bullet points are mentioned in the plan to make Europe have a competitive economy. They are;

  • stopping all net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
  • making economic growth decoupled from resource use
  • caring, meaning no person and no place is left behind

Along with the three bullet points, the European Green Deal has also provided an action plan that aims to boost the efficiency of resources that can provide a clean and circular economy.

That means the factories in industries such as fashion design will have to upgrade their machinery to meet the standards of the Green Deal so the resources can be maximized the most efficiently and the waste is being dealt with ethically towards nature and people living or working around the premises of industry.

Following that, restoring biodiversity and cutting pollution is a great factor that is important to be promoted and put into action. By not caring about nature, climate change and environmental degradation will keep growing and it will present itself as an irreparable existential threat to Europe and the world.

While striving to make the European Union a climate-neutral territory by 2050 it is needed to politically enforce The European Climate Law and turn that proposition into a true political commitment. By following the law and obligating it into different sectors of the industry and ethical management, countries can reach a target that is set in Law.

European Union aims to provide financial support and technical assistance so that all sectors can invest in technology technologies to promote environmentally-friendly ethics and continue raising the bar in supporting industry for innovative projects.

Along with the social side of the targets of the Green Deal, the EU also wants to decarbonize the energy sector and ensure the buildings are more energy efficient.

Working with international partners to improve global environmental standards, the EU can get ideas from different points of view and make the goal the best for everyone that will be affected by the targets and goals in the best most positive way that there is.

By devoting our voices in pointing out the growing problems of climate change and having the commitment towards the necessity of change and turning it into the transition towards sustainable economy and industry we can revolutionize the European Union.

To save the planet is the most important mission ever!