Every year around 3 milion workers die each year as a result of workplace accidents and occupational diseases. Even more people become ill or suffer from injuries sustained in the workplace. This is why today, April 28th, we mark and promote World Day for Safety and Health at Work..

The major goal of marking this day is to raise awareness about the prevention of workplace accidents and diseases on a global scale: to draw attention to the importance of establishing a safe working environment where other people’s lives are not jeopardized.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022

In 2022., the main focus will be on highlighting the importance of social dialogue in promoting a positive safety and health culture, where representatives of workers, employers and governments can openly discuss and exchange information about this issue.

Remember: Workplace safety begins on the first day, with the employer and employees adhering to the safety regulations and performing their jobs in accordance with established procedures.

How to implement rather than simply “mark” this day?

This important issue as well is the right of every worker and employee must not be ignored; rather, collaboration from employer to government is essential to thoroughly develop safe working conditions and a culture that will be respected at all levels.

Few Steps for Establishing a Secure Culture:


  • Be in charge of risk assessment to identify dangers in the workplace. Implement control measures to ensure that employees are not endangered or harmed
  • Provide the right tools and equipment (cleaned, inspected, and serviced on a regular basis) to create a safer environment
  • Have professional supervision to ensure that arrangements are followed
  • Install signs and labels that can swiftly and effectively communicate a vital warning to even the most inexperienced employees
  • Associations with professionals who can help prevent injuries, regulate and identify high-risk areas
  • Maintain an open communication at all levels making it easy and fast for employees to report risks


  • Train and instruct (everyone) to ensure everybody has obtained appropriate safety training for their employment
  • Encourage them to maintain good health and safe working environment (adhering to conditions such as taking short breaks for a walk or stretching)
  • Have frequent meetings to discuss and solve problems regard workplace safety

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